Learning to Defer

Learning to deal with a chronic illness includes learning to defer. As we live with a chronic disease, we learn many lessons. One lesson is learning to defer.

Bible Verse

Isaiah 40:29 (KJV), “He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.”

What the Verse Means

As Believers in Jesus Christ, we experience his presence and power during our daily living. When we are tired, he provides us with the energy we need for the daily challenges. When we are weak, Christ Jesus increases our strength where we have what is required.

Pray Using Scripture

  • Heavenly Father, help me modify my activities to fit your needs and get the rest I need.
  • Lord, help me to count on God’s strength to replace my weakness.
  • I pray for your favor as I work. Help me to have the strength I need for the day.

Photo Source: Pixabay

Today’s blog post is from the book “Thy Will Be Done: 60 Prayers for the Chronically Ill” by Jimmie Aaron Kepler. It is available in print and on Kindle for Amazon at Amazon Print or Amazon Kindle. If you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited member, the book is available to read for free in Kindle format.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Defer

  1. Jimmie, thank you so much for the encouragement. I am learning to have joy in the modifications of my needs to his plan. He has a purpose even in our weakness.

  2. I love that you suggest praying “strength for the day.” I often pray for strength for a particular project – which may encompass a long period of time, and then I become weary as the time goes by. But, strength for the day is what we need most, and then, we can start all over again the next day, with new strength and new mercies and new grace!!!

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