Caregiving: Biblical Insights From a Caregiver’s Journey 

Learning my spouse had stage three Melanoma cancer, feelings of hopelessness replaced the hopes and dreams I had for our future. I felt overwhelmed as I feared the forthcoming day-to-day struggles of caregiving. 

Caregiving: Biblical Insights From a Caregiver’s Journey offers the Biblical guidance and support I learned in my 1001 day trip of caring for my late wife. The book helps you connect with the perfect love which casts out all fear, the love of Jesus Christ. God’s love that sustained me during those days.

Each chapter contains Scripture from the Holy Bible that touched my life, explanation and application of the verse’s Truth to daily living, a prayer using the Scripture I prayed during the travail, three directed questions for journaling, and a takeaway that the Lord showed me. I share how God and God’s Word guided and sustained my wife and me through this journey.

The book is available in print at Amazon Print on in ebook at Ebook.


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