Gene, Everywhere

Talya Boerner is a master storyteller. Gene Everywhere took me back to the three-years period of time I was my 90 years-old father’s caregiver after my mother died. So much of what the author wrote tugged at the memories and experience I had with my father. The prose is spectacular. Talya’s prose is spectacular. Her… Continue reading Gene, Everywhere

One Great Way To Write A Book Review

Keeping Track of What You Read Over twenty-five years ago I read Louis L’Amour’s book, “Education of a Wandering Man.” L’Amour kept a journal recording the books he read year by year. About the same time, I attended a writer’s conference in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Christian author Dr. Calvin Miller was… Continue reading One Great Way To Write A Book Review

The Rebuilder

A power resurrected after a 200 years absence. A man called to save humankind on Mars. Earth’s moon. A staff colonel receives a diplomatic pouch. Its message demands he come to Mars. He is the last hope to save human colonization on the red planet. Eradication of religion occurred in the twenty-second century. Now in… Continue reading The Rebuilder

Update On My Writing

My Writing Life: From time to time I get asked what I am working on in my writing life. I have a few projects. First, I’ll share the new projects. On-going projects will follow. I’ll close with the old projects. New projects: I am excited about joining the Author Culture Blog. It is at In… Continue reading Update On My Writing

One Great Way to Promote Your Book: A Blog Tour

Once upon a time Once upon a time in a century long past when an author wrote a book his or her publisher might send the writer on a book tour.  The author would visit media outlets in various cities promoting their book and conduct book signings. Oh, this still sometimes happens if the author… Continue reading One Great Way to Promote Your Book: A Blog Tour