Why I Write

Today is Thursday March 21, 2013.  In 1946, George Orwell (his real name was Eric Arthur Blair) wrote an essay titled “Why I Write”. It detailed his personal journey to becoming a writer. Orwell lists “four great motives for writing” which he feels exist in every writer. He explains that all are present, but in different proportions, and… Continue reading Why I Write

Review: I, Me, Mine

“I, Me, Mine” by George Harrison was an extremely challenging read. The book was at times boring, has poor structure, and lacked direction. You can feel George Harrison’s dry wit and humor in the pages of the book with the key word being dry. Don’t expect to learn a lot about Harrison. The book lacks… Continue reading Review: I, Me, Mine

Review: Clapton: The Autobiography

Biographies are a passion for me. I approach each with an open mind ready to hear the writer’s story. My interest in music, love of rock and roll, and respect for great guitar musicianship lead me to read Eric Clapton’s autobiography. Sex, booze, drugs and rock and roll fill the celebrated guitarist’s autobiography. As he… Continue reading Review: Clapton: The Autobiography