Review: Chronicles, Volume One

I received this book from my son Kristopher for Christmas way back in 2004. The book is a lot like Bob Dylan … different and genius. We start in 1961. We witness some history in him signing his first record contract. It is an odd memoir that is as inspired, impulsive, and to a degree as… Continue reading Review: Chronicles, Volume One

Poem: Classic Rock

Classic Rock Classic rock takes you back in time Back to when the music rhymed Singing of love and feeling good We’d see them in concert if we could It transports you back to the drive-in scene Dancing popcorn boxes on the movie screen Singing let’s go to the snack bar Trying to get your… Continue reading Poem: Classic Rock

Review: I, Me, Mine

“I, Me, Mine” by George Harrison was an extremely challenging read. The book was at times boring, has poor structure, and lacked direction. You can feel George Harrison’s dry wit and humor in the pages of the book with the key word being dry. Don’t expect to learn a lot about Harrison. The book lacks… Continue reading Review: I, Me, Mine