The coronavirus and the stock market’s volatility make this a scary time. We fear for ourselves and our loved one’s health, safety, and financial stability. Here’s a Bible verse that provides me great comfort. Trust in the Lord How to be Saved The peace I have through Jesus Christ is how I face fear and… Continue reading Fear

It’s Okay to be Afraid

1.1 My Story My eyes locked on to the bloody spot on the lower left front of my wife Benita’s blouse. “What’s going on? What’s with the blood?” I asked pointing to the half-dollar sized strain. My heart was aching. It looked terrible, scary. I knew this couldn’t be good. Miss Benita gazed down toward… Continue reading It’s Okay to be Afraid

How to Give Your Fears to God

How to Give Your Fears to God 16.1 My Story My spouse paid the bills each month. Yes, we had a budget and discussed our financial priorities, but she wrote the checks each month and made the electronic payments. We were an old school couple and had a joint checking account. I had a basic… Continue reading How to Give Your Fears to God

It’s Okay to be Afraid 

When You’re a Caregiver, It’s Okay to be Afraid Fear of the unknown and fear of the journey you are beginning is part of the process of learning to care for a person with a chronic or terminal illness. It’s a scary assignment. When you’re a caregiver, it’s okay to be afraid. A Biblical Alternative… Continue reading It’s Okay to be Afraid